About US

Derivan trading as HealtheClean. Specialise in Green and Safe Cleaning solutions for commercial and domestic application. Formed in 2009 HealtheClean is subsidiary of Derivan (www.derivan.com.au), market leader of environmentally conscious Artist Materials since 1964. 

In exclusive partnership and under license with EcoLogic Solutions Inc, USA (www.ecologicsolutions.com), delivers the safest, most effective and cost-competitive Deep Green cleaning products. 100% of our focus is on environmentally preferable products. Green cleaning products are not a sideline, but a commitment. The only true ‘Green’ and effective 100% Non-toxic, Non-polluting, Animal Cruelty Free and Non-hazardous cleaning products available in the A-NZ Market. 


Healtheclean 500ml Window Cleaner Bottle

Derivan HealtheClean's Mission Statement is simple but ambitious. To become the leading supplier/manufacturer of Green cleaning solutions, Australia wide, by providing unsurpassed quality and service. We aim for the highest quality possible relative not only to competitors but also to our own agenda which is to exceed the expectations of our customers. To give the best possible service to all whom we come in contact with even if they are not seen as being a particularly good prospect. Involvement and support for the local community. Employing environmentally sound practices both in the products and production. We consider all the above principles to be of great importance. 

We meet stringent Australian and World Wide Environmental Standards

None of our products contain any known hazardous ingredients to humans or aquatic life in their concentrated form.  Most of our products are either 100% plant based or beneficial to wastewater.  We are fully committed to sustainable business operations in all its practices.  Additionally: All ingredients used in our products are non-polluting and non-hazardous as per OSHA (USA Occupational and Safety Health Association) standards. Our chemical health and safety ratings on Data Safety Sheets (SDS) are 1 or less on the 4 point scale. Our formulations are readily biodegradable Super-concentrated to reduce waste and packaging Never tested on animals.  No products contain butyl ether or butox ethanol or petroleum distillates. Our products are formulated to meet or exceed the existing ‘Green’ standards. This ensures that our products are the safest and most effective solution for your family, friends, organisation, staff, customers and the environment.